"Inspiring Change one day at a time."


  1. Managing Director
    Leadership Academy
    Mentoring! Working on a citizenship activity.
  2. Managing Director
    One More One Less Mentoring
    After Anger Management Workshop.
  3. Managing Director
    Inspiring Change at Youth Event
    Relational Aggression Workshop
  4. Managing Director
    Character Development Activity!
    PreK Class Character Development Activity
  5. Managing Director
    Conducting a CEU Training!
    Conducting a CEU Training!
  6. Managing Director
    Character Development in San Juan Puerto Rico
    Discussed how the students could impact their community after the hurricane.
  7. Managing Director
    Youth team building activity
    Teaching high school students how to work together.
  8. Managing Director
    Anger management activity with high school age students.
    Students were asked to make a visual representation of their coping skills.
  9. Managing Director
    Communication activity
    CEU Workshop Activity